We Provide a Comprehensive Suite of Investigative and Security Services Including Identification, Detection and Protection.

Anderssen Security Consulting serves multiple industries and government agencies. We understand the importance of investing in the protection of your people, data, facilities and bottom-line. We have special expertise with investigations for banks and financial institutions. Our team will identify the right investigative solution for a wide range of requirements. Our typical assignments range from simple due diligence to in-depth domestic and international investigations.

W H A T   W E   D O ?

• Accounting Forensics
• Asset Protection / Recovery
• Asset Identification
• Audit / Bank Fraud
• Computer Forensics
• Organizational Services
• Embezzlement
• Identity Theft
• IT/Cyber Fraud and Intrusion
• Litigation Support
• Financial Risk Assessments
• Human Resources / Background

• Security Assessments

• Threat Detection - Prevention

• Uniformed Armed / Unarmed Guards


ASCC provides specialized training for personnel in the financial services industries to help them better protect themselves and others from physical and cyber threats that can occur in the workplace. These range from employee disturbances and domestic violence to armed robberies and terrorist attacks.

We also provide specialize training in Active Shooter Response for businesses, government agencies and schools.